After reading our posing guide you won’t fear standing in front of the camera with your second half ever again.
We’re a unique duet of wedding photographers who will make your shoot feel like leisure and pleasure.


Help, we’re really new to this!!!

Yes, we know you might hate having your photos taken. Yes, we know you might dread the thought of being posed. And yes, we know you probably can’t stand your wrinkles, double chin, crooked nose, big bottom etc. – even if you have none of those But does that really matter? If that was true, your fiancée might never want to marry you.


It’s actually quite the opposite – they’re totally crazy about you! Isn’t that beautiful?!


Remember it’s our job to show you at your very best, however; no matter how we pose you, it’s all about your happiness, so think about what brought you together, the idiosyncrasies and the moments that you have shared that have made your lives special.


We are not interested in forcing you to smile. Instead we’d like you to concentrate on your love between each other and it will show in your photos.

Can you remember holding hands for the first time? Dating? First kiss…? Imagine all those romantic moments when your hearts were beating faster than ever.

Show your love, without kissing. Feel free to wrap your arms around each other, to touch each other’s faces and to whisper something that makes you hot for each other.

Hold hands and gaze into each other’s eyes, think about when the party is over and you finally get to be alone with each other.


Get close. Chat, laugh, giggle, tell him something that makes you blush, tell her how you felt the first time you saw her… You’ll love your warm, romantic and funny pictures…

Feel free to be flirty, naughty, sexy… It’s all allowed – you’re in love and going to be married!

You don’t necessarily need to look at the camera. We actually much prefer you to look at each other and contemplate each other and the special feelings you have between you…

Whisper some compliments into his ear, be as flirtatious as you like, you are the only ones who know the secrets of your love.

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