LuckyBlue answer your questions

How does having two photographers work?

It works wonders! At least this is what our couples feel. We both love working together and assisting each other with lighting amongst other things. Not only have you got the bride’s and groom’s preparations fully covered, but all the formal and informal moments of your day that you didn’t even realise were happening. Such detailed and dynamic coverage enables us to create a very unique and lively photo collection and album (if ordered). That’s the main idea behind which Lucky Blue has been born.


Do we need to give you a list of photos we want taken?

If you are planning something non-standard to happen on your wedding day, then please let us know, so we know what to expect. It’s also handy to prepare a list of your required group photos and give it to your best man of the maid of honour who will be kindly asked to help with organising your family and friends.


We are camera shy. Will we have to pose?

We would never force you to do anything. 99% of our couples tell us they hate posing, however all the photos presented on our website or Facebook page are from real weddings, absolutely no staged shoots. That proves that with a little gentle guidance from us, it all can be done smoothly and painlessly. We always recommend an engagement shoot as an ice-breaker as this enables you to just strut your stuff on the wedding day. We need to get to know you as much as you need to get to know us and it’s that friendly relationship of trust and cooperation that helps us work together. Why don’t you have a look at our posing guide for some


How many photos do you deliver?

This is probably the trickiest question we get asked. In this commercial world many people are used to thinking that more means better. Instead, we prefer quality and creativity. The number varies; but from an entire day wedding we typically prepare between 500-700 images and believe us, you don’t need more than that.


How long does it take to get our photos?

Generally, we need up to 8 weeks to process all your photos (especially during the peak time over summer months), sometimes they may be complete sooner. You are very likely to get a little sneak peek of your wedding on Facebook just a few days after the wedding.


How long do you stay?

As long as necessary. Unlike most photographers; we don’t leave after the first dance. We’re yours for your day and it’s up to you how long you need is, but in general we leave once we feel the story of your day has been told. And we don’t just sneak out and disappear. We make sure you’re satisfied before we call it a day.


Do you visit a venue beforehand?

If it’s within Oxfordshire and we haven’t already photographed at your venue, we will. If it’s further away, we’ll try to collect as much information about it as possible from the Internet. We always arrive early enough on the day to have a good scout around for the best locations.


How do we get our photos?

When we meet with you for a presentation of your photos, we will bring your photos on a personalised USB memory drive. We will also create an online gallery for you, your family and friends to enjoy from anywhere in the world.


Do you back up your photos?

Of course! We only use professional gear and our cameras can process your photos to two high quality memory cards at the same time. Then, either during your wedding or straight after we save your photos to at least two external hard drives at different locations. Therefore, only an apocalypse can possibly wipe all your photos out.


How can we reserve our date with you?

Once you’re happy and confident that you love the sound of us working with you to create your perfect wedding photographs, we will ask you to sign a contract and pay a 50% booking fee to reserve your date and make sure no other couple can jump in your way!


We appreciate that every wedding is different and that you may have other burning questions that we haven’t answered so please contact us if you need to know more!



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