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Life. What exhilarates you?

The feeling I get when I see the smile and excitement appear on my little boy’s face when I get home after a long day at work.

The love that is felt from my partner when I go and meet her for lunch or surprise her with a date that I have planned for us to have some fun or relax together.

The feeling of standing at a music event and closing my eyes when the band is playing a key part of a song and listening to the music and the crowd joining in without putting faces to the voices. These are some of the things that really make my heart sing.

Is there something in life that without fail makes you smile every time you witness it happening before your eyes?

For me, one of these occasions is the moment when I realise that the two people that I am talking to are absolutely without question Yin and Yang and completely and fully belong together and live for each other; this is the moment I know that I want to photograph these people forging their relationship into marriage. You see, for me, photography is not a job, nor is it something that I wish to use purely to generate an income. For me, photography is about soul.

Those precious split seconds of significance between loved ones, the fun, the bond with family, the intimate feelings that people have for one another – Human moments; that is what I want to capture and give back to you, composing, lighting and timing with the same soul that is within that very moment.


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Okay, so I could tell you that I’m a photographer and I love my job, but you’ve probably figured that out already. As a man, I like sports cars, computers and technology, but again that’s also pretty obvious, isn’t it? I’m not going to bore you with all the technical bits of camera gear, lighting and posing that I find interesting either.

Instead, I’ll share the other part of me with you. When I don’t photograph, I switch to a family mode. My wife and daughters are the ones I’m living for and to be honest I’m not sure what’s harder to learn: to be a great husband and dad or to be a great photographer but I’m an ambitious type, so I happily accept any challenges thrown at me.

There are three more things that have always been an essence of my life; I can’t imagine the world without music, travel or sport, they all keep me motivated and inspired in this crazy busy reality.

I moved to England in 2005 and met Jakob in 2009 studying photography in Oxford. When we decided to work together it clicked straight away. Just like my wife; Jakob accepts me the way I am and that’s my definition of a true friend. He knows I’m a different person when I photograph. Surprisingly often we’re thinking the same thing at the same time and our attuned minds are what really creates our business partnership. Same passion, same goals and dreams, same sense of humour…

What is photography for me? It’s a mixture of things really:

Photography = soul + heart + love + emotion + moment + perception + artistry…

I could go on forever.

It’s a very special feeling as a photographer the moment you realise that you are playing a very significant part in one of the most important days of peoples’ lives and I feel rewarded for it every time we meet with people to show them our work.

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