Emma & Joe

Emma & Joe

Emma and Joe were married at the now world famous Church of St Mary Bampton which was featured in the television series of Downton Abbey many times and has now become quite the tourist attraction. The reception was held in a location that is so secret that it shall only be used once.

A wonderful start to the day, the boys take it easy, a little bit of shirt modification or should I say perhaps shirt butchering? Us lads like to find a solution and get the job done so out comes the knife to make way for a new button hole!
What could be a better way to start the day than a very short walk to the local to have a couple of glasses of Dutch courage with your dapper groomsmen and some family?
Meanwhile, the coolest hairdresser and make-up artist in the world arrived at Emma’s parents’ house where the reception was to take place. Taking photos of Emma getting prettier and prettier was effortless as the hair and makeup artist played entertainer to the whole bridal party. Us guys at Lucky Blue are seriously contemplating having our hair and makeup done just the sake of her being there …I wonder if she could give Jakob some hair implants?

Emma was sat on a stool sipping champagne with her mum and sister as the rest of the girls were still in their pyjamas giving final touches to the marquee that they had decorated with Emma and her mum to the level of excellency that I was convinced that they must have had hired a top wedding organiser.  This was the first time I’d seen such stunning hand-made marquee décor! The pyjama clad girls then suddenly transformed into gorgeous bridesmaids in unique flowery dresses that matched the vintage theme perfectly!
Once we get to the now famous Church of St Mary Bampton the tension begins to mount as the lads prepare for the arrival of Joe’s beautiful bride, her lovely bridesmaids and all the guests. Nothing to worry about though, the ceremony is wonderful and nothing could stop Joe from kissing Emma like he is James Bond!

Back to Emma’s parents gorgeous house in the beautiful surroundings of Minster Lovell for the reception, WOW, what a wonderful job they have done of hand preparing all of the table settings and flowers, truly stunning! You just can’t beat a homemade wedding, there is nothing as personal as this.

Who would have thought Joe to be the man with the moves? Nice dancing Bond!

We left the party bouncing after setting up some fun and flirty candle lit couple shots with Emma & Joe in the pitch black (they may let you see them if you ask nicely), the look on Joe’s face was priceless, like a boy in a sweet shop, lovingly choosing his favourite bonbons!

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