Ella & Elliot

Ella & Elliot

“My memories of Ella and Elliot’s wedding at Oxford Town Hall couldn’t be fonder! Since the very beginning of the preparations I could feel that the happy moods were going to fill the day. Even though I hadn’t met the couple beforehand (which we usually try to do with all of our couples) I felt so much more like a guest than the hired hand”
It was lively and conversation was in full flow when I arrived for Ella’s preps and bridesmaids were running around the hotel room with glasses of champagne in one hand and a lipstick in another. Ella’s mum was ever eager to help Ella do the dress up and make sure everybody was ready on time.

Then I snuck out to catch a few shots of Elliot before he was a bachelor no more. The gents looked lush in their stylish top hats, sharing a hipflask like posh deer hunters.

We soon made our way to the Oxford Town Hall – such an elegant setting for getting married! While Elliot and his groomsmen were hanging out and meeting guests, I awaited the arrival of Ella with her mum and the bridal party. The car that brought them there was definitely something to admire, a true classic, I love it when couple’s like to arrive in style, it really makes the day and to top it off the ladies had a look of beauty and excitement for a very special reason.

Full of laugher and moving moments, the ceremony turned Ella and Elliot’s young love into marriage. With everyone on an emotional high, once the congratulations and usual embraces were over, it was time for… a rickshaw ride? Definitely quite a cool idea I must admit! According to the plan, I was to meet Ella and Elliot by the Radcliffe Camera to capture those must-have shots of newlyweds against the classic backdrop of Oxford postcard spots.

The couple had met when studying at Hertford College, so not only did they have their drink reception in one of the college’s beautiful rooms, but they also got exclusive access to the famous Hertford Bridge, also known as the Bridge of Sighs. You would be challenged to imagine a more romantic scene for wedding photos. Quite lucky, hey?

Leaving in their lush vintage car along the never-changing streets of old Oxford only complemented the movie-like image of this gorgeous wedding!

You’d think that would be the icing on the cake, wouldn’t you? Well… nope, because to finish the day off with a cherry on top, the main reception was held at the Cherwell Boat House surrounded by the scent of flowers, busy bees and punters passing by. The evening drew to a
close for me as I left the whole wedding party busting moves on the dance floor partying the night away.